Dementia Friends

Dementia Friends Champions

Dementia Friends Champions facilitate Dementia Friends Information Sessions

People with dementia often live independently in their communities, doing many of the things they have always enjoyed, if they have a helping hand and more people who understood dementia.  The Dementia Friends presentation teaches people about dementia, how it affects their day-to-day lives, and the small ways they can make a positive difference for people living with dementia in their community.

The goal of the presentation is to create dementia-friendly communities by changing people’s perceptions of dementia and the stigma often associated with the disease.  Many times, this lack of understanding leads to loneliness and social exclusion.  We want to help people live well in our communities.  Dementia Friends is an information session to learn about dementia and how to communicate and support someone with dementia.

Presentation includes:

  • Facts and figures
  • Types of dementia
  • Normal aging vs dementia
  • Communication tips

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